Business Ethernet Solutions

Business Ethernet Solutions


In the contemporary business world, fast, reliable internet isn’t a luxury. For many companies, an unstable or slow internet connection can disrupt workflow and damage revenues. There are a number of options for businesses looking for a stable, solid, high-capacity connection to the internet, with one of the most popular being T1 or bonded T1. (Bonded T1 is the name for a T1 setup involving multiple T1 lines run in parallel along the same path, allowing for increased bandwidth and reliability.) However, more and more businesses are opting for a business Ethernet connection to serve as the backbone of their company’s networking and connectivity strategy.

T1 and Bonded T1 lines are often more useful for companies or businesses with large in-house databases: that is, if your company has several offices, or offices in a different location from your servers, and you need to transmit data quickly between them, it might be worth opting for the slightly older technology. However, given the proliferation of high-quality, secure cloud computing services, even this benefit might not outweigh the huge amount of benefits a business Ethernet connection can provide. In addition, many business Ethernet providers are now offering similar connectivity capabilities with their Ethernet services – that is, there are a number of options for networking systems based in business Ethernet technology that include connections between multiple local sites. Whether you are interested in connecting one site to the internet, or multiple sites both to each other and to the internet, business Ethernet might be the best way to go.

Business Ethernet connections often offer far faster connection speeds – while many bonded T1 lines top out at around 12 Mbps, business Ethernet connections regularly offer speeds of triple or nearly quadruple that. The technology used to set up and maintain business Ethernet connections is often very similar to the kinds of technology you probably already have in the office, while a T1 line is generally a more involved and specialized installation. In general, business Ethernet setup and maintenance are less complex than those required for other, comparable technologies. Additionally, business Ethernet technology is often considered more reliable than T1 technology, insofar as failures with individual loops or connections in a business Ethernet setup do not knock out the entire line, as they may in T1 connections.

If you are interested in connecting multiple sites with business Ethernet technology, there are a number of reasons why it can be such a powerful tool. For one, T1 or bonded T1 is only available in certain markets, given the fact that the hardware is somewhat specialized. However, business Ethernet technology relies largely on ubiquitous, preexisting networking technology. This means that if one or more of your offices are outside of the service area for T1 or bonded T1 coverage, business Ethernet might not just be the best option – it might be the only option!

In short, business Ethernet is one of the fastest-growing and most effective technologies for making sure that your business has the internet and cross-site connectivity it needs. Whatever the specifics of your networking needs, business Ethernet is widely considered one of the easiest, least expensive, and highest-quality network access technologies.

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